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 :: Poison ::
Charlote Sometimes

Nosferatu, Nadja
to Read, to Meditate, to Sleep


Charles Baudelaire, Chris Lee
She was always the intelligent girl of the group, but her enormous laziness hinders to conclude her studies or to take some route in the life.
Ultra-Romantic, she studies magic and vampirism, devores poetry books and dreams to die young, of tuberculosis, preferencially...
Melancholic to the extreme, she avoid contact with the majority of the nocturnal people and she is not very usual in the night-clubs. Exceeding the barrier of the smoothness, the things become excessively chaotic for her to could be interested...
Elegant, cultured and balanced are the adjectives usually used to describe this girl who passes the day without seeing the light of the sun. Admired for many, it uses the picture that passes to the others as a shelter to feed its inflated ego.
 :: WhipCunt ::
She is in Parties

Rock Horror Picture Show
to Dance, to Drink


David Bowie, Rozz Willians
Despite the loaded make up and the long dresses being now in the past, she still consider herself a legitimate gothic, even more than the today's generation, of which she has personal reserves...
Currently, she finds much more involved with the way to raving and fetish - adept of the sado-masochism, she considers herself a dominatrix. Nowadays, Whipcunt started a hard SM relationship with Zille - which makes she very happy and Zille very hurt - fisicaly at least.
Whipcunt likes to dance heavy techno music and she keeps accumulating piercings and tatoos for all over the body. Of difficult and radix personality, she possesss a great trend to inebriate and to arrange confusion. She does not like men, and is always measuring forces with them. ..
Anyway, her goths roots make presence... It stand in her black clothes, her friendships, or with all the luggage of idolss and culture that she loads with herself.
 :: CursedSun ::
Disposable Teens

Interview with the Vampire
do Weird make-up


Twiggy Ramirez
Novice, typical Mansonite - Marylin Manson freaky fan. She recently gets interest for gothic stuff, however, when somebody question she define herself as " an apprentice of the profane arts ". She does not possess a formed opinion on most complicated things and nor the refined taste of the others girls. Confuse, she flows from incorporating the style of her friends or to being herself.
Cursee likes to go clubbing just to be able to use fancy clothes and to abuse her creativity in improvised accessories and make up. She likes so much to dance, but she never knows who are the musicians. For her, theseare practically magical bands, who only exist in the dance floor...
She always dated boys, but currently she involves also with girls or some another interesting thing between both...
 :: Trevoso Loco ::
The Temple of Love

The Crow
Cemetery Walk


Ian Curtis

Defender and militant of the true Gothic style, nowadays vulgarized and violented by insignificant posers and mereless Manson fans in general. Trevoso Loco fights for everything to back as it was in his time, when the Goths always - and just - met after midnight at cemeteries, heard only to the true Gothic sound of the eighties, drank blood and lamented its own existence - yes, seems that one day was like this...
Trevoso alleges to have never used clothes other than black ones, and shows off with pride all the scars of beatings of SkinHeads and he's also pretty sure that nobody in the world is Gothier that him..
most of the people knows him from less than one year.

 :: Zille ::

Suspiria, Inferno
Scaring people


Adam Ant and A.C. Swinburn

Zille and Whipcunt have a lot in common, and that's what keeps them from killing each other. Both are disdainful of the neo-goths and tend to wander around muttering about "The way it used to be."
Both of them love fetish clothes, and Zille loves to be Whipcunt's pet, sex slave, and willing victim.
They are often to be found in the dungeon spaces of goth clubs, shocking the passers-by. Both Zille and Whipcunt also love accumulating tattoos and piercings - they tend to "clink" when they walk around together.
When Zille is away from Whipcunt, she writes long moody poetry, home-brews Absinthe, and makes new goth and fetish clothes. When they are together, they go out to the clubs, scare the normal people, have explosive fights, and have explosive sex.

: bio writed by the real Zille

 :: Dr. Van Hellchwald ::
Witt Heppner Die Flut

Dr Caligari Kabinnet
Tenebra Hunt


St. Peter Murphy

It is believed that Hellchwald was once a somber goth,who roamed through foggy nights in the company of hiscoat and a sombrero in the old McCoy hat-making style.
But nothing is certain about his past, except that he graduated from Penha University and became the
biggest mexerica hunter currently in activity.
His vocation as a hunter became clear during the Marylin Manson case, which set off great commotion in the media and caused a radical uprise in the name of sinister values.
But Van Hellschwald's ire was truly awakened when he learned about the ways of RPG players and Black Metal fans, and consequently, of the amount of mexericas such practices inject into the goth community.
Since then, our Dr. has been on a mission, and he will not spare evil looks in his fight for what he elieves in.

 :: Barbie ::
A Distance There is

Bram Stocker's Dracula
to Make Love, to Write


Floria Sigismund

The sexy vamp stereotype made flesh, Barbie find herself manytimes involved in intrigues and rumors without at least leaving her house. Stalked by the most male non-gay goth public, her apparitions in raves, parties or rpg conventions are immediately documented on her several internet fan-clubs...
On the other hand, Barbie wakes up the anger of the most gothik girls. Poison in particular, that distillate true poison when she needs to impede that her chosen boy gets charmed by our little vamp...
In spite of the whole boast, Barbie keep clear. She possesses a great interest for fashion, clothes and make-up and she's a kind of referential for CursedSun and other Mansonites
Actually, her great goal is to un-myth it's own image, as most of the people makes wrong judgments about her personality based just on her appearance

 :: Rebekah ::

abuse of hera creative


Talent Les

Don't ever call Rebekah a goth! Although she theoretically fulfills all the prerequisites for such nomenclature, she is in fact the Queen Mother of a new and original lifestyle: GAWTH!
Rebekah is, without any false modesty, very proud of the idea, and her greatest goal is to seek new followers - as well as to finish the CDROM version of the GAWTH bible and sell it through her website. The thousands of disciples of the GAWTH movement do very unique and unprecedented things: they hang out in graveyards, wear black, bear Ankhs, listen to depressive music, worship 80s POP bands and morbid medieval literature.
But wait, does that mean that GAWTH mimics exactly the same old gothic stereotypes?
Rebekah swears it doesn't! Her doctrine prohibits the use of cursing and explicit language, as well as politically incorrect behaviors such as drug use and homosexuality! Her philosophy advocates that kids can become GAWTH and have fun without any parental concern.

 :: Pain ::
seens to like Premature Ejaculation

don't seens to like tv
plastic nails


Bastet? or maybe Garfield...

Whipcunt's little cat. Actually, the only 'male' creature she have something like a relationship. I'm not saying they have a oh greeat relationship.. the poor cat pass through hard times in her hands...
Pain seen to be a open-minded Cat.. used to freak people, weird music and really sick attitudes. anyway, reacting is not it's specialty.
In fact, Pain's real dreams, wishes and motivations remains a seven key secret. would it really be a masochist cat? does he care about anything?

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