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Online Goth Related Cartoons
With this new section I plan to gather most of the production from the dark site of the Internet toons. Most of the below listed work are not specifically online-cartoons - as Lenore or OMG but, anyway, are very cult and present in the web.

I start with the most know works from names like Tim Burton, Roman Dirge and Voltaire, but the idea is to gather as many as possible anonymous an pseudo artists like me...
 StainBoy | a new Tim Burton work at shockwave.com
Stainboy is an unusual animated series from a filmmaker with a unique and hauing artistic vision. Bringing that vision to the web required that Tim Burton's callaborators, Santa Monica-based flinch Studios, break new ground in both creative and technical terms - how characters should move, squash, stretch effects, and other traditional techniques had to be reworked to achieve the effects Burton wanted in Stainboy.
Burton came to flinch with a series of watercolor sketches he'd created of Stainboy and other characters - some drawn from this book The Melancholy Death of Dysterboy, others entirely new...
excerpt typed from the 'production notes' text found inside Stainboy's shockwave site 
 Lenore | the cute little dead girl
I could not find any official bio about Lenore, beside her short description above. Luck me that she doesn't need much introduction.
Lenore was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's homonymous poem. She is the well-known cute character from Roman Dirge's spooky comics - besides Lenore, he run some more titles like 'The Taxidermy', 'Something at the Window is Scratching' and 'The Monsters in my Tummy'
All of his works follow the Burton's like cute/creep esthetic... predictable is the fact that a future TVShow starring Lenore will count with a crew which scripting credits include "A Nightmare Before Christmas", "Edward Scissorhands'' and "Beetlejuice."
 JTHM | that means ' Jonny the Homicidal Maniac'

JTHM is comic book series about a guy that's just had enough with society and is slowly being taken over by some kind of force that drives him to kill ... all those hipocritical people who care more about their coolness than anything else.
It's drawn and written by Jhonen Vasquez. He manages to draw an amazing atmosphere with extreme comedy while putting a good point accross. Since this comic is published by a small company, Jhonen has complete creative control, which alows the violence in this comic to go totally beyond anything I've ever seen, while maintaining an integrity that keeps it unreal and even ... acceptable?

exerpt of review by the JTHM : a look into Nny's world webmaster 
 Chi Chian | but you must say chi chon

In this cyber Cinderella story for the year 3000, a young, innocent girl battles mammoth worm trains, giant insects, a samurai robot and her own twisted family to save a dark, future New York from its imminent destruction.
After the New York, New Jersey war of the 31st century, the island of Manhattan, a battered hull of its former glory, is sold to a Japanese company to be used as a testing ground for organic technology. It isn't long before things go terribly wrong...

exerpt taken from Voltaire's site 
 Oh My Goth | first Voltaire goth cartoon

South Park and The Munsters meets SNL's "Goth Talk" in this hilarious send up of gothic silliness as pompous extraterrestrial, Heironymous Posch alludes skeletal aliens and the dark armies of Lord Beelzebub in the New York Goth scene. You'll choke on your fake fangs and make a pee pee in your vinyl pants when you read Voltaire's hysterical, satirical parody of teenage Goths!
The ensuing adventures are a hysterical romp through American pop culture as they appear on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, get repeatedly beat up at shopping malls by the dreaded and have satirical encounters with pop icons Marilyn Manson and Bela Lugosi....

exerpt taken from Voltaire's site 
 Angst boy | online comic featuring an angst boy. deja vu?

By turns mixing slapstick, irony, and poignancy, "Angst Boy Comics" is the tale of Angst, a slave to his own crushing melancholia who wanders the purgatory of the goth scene, dive bars, and the comic book shop like Diogenes with a bad hair cut. Angst takes his turn searching for truth, looking for love, exploring relationships, and blurring the line between all three with alcohol, sarcasm, and Bauhaus.
To pester our brooding hero are the angry Surly Girl and the deliriously silly Perki Girl. A comic that's probably better than a quick, sharp poke to the eye and less life-threatening. The only real hazard is the realization of how pitiful and depressing life really is but you knew that already, didn't you?

review by Angstboy creator, Karl Christian
 Evil R Us | Fun Stuff for people usually not funny at all
This is the best black-metal humor site you can find!
Created by talented artist Pedro Daniel, that is a link repository for Joe Cartoon-like flash animations, and illustrated guides on how to become Evil or about the Evil diversity fauna....
 Radiskull & Devil Doll | freak animation featured on shockwave.com
Silly but cool, says the creator, Joe Sparks.
Well, I think it's more to cool than silly. Most people may think so, as you can see for the great feedback they have - there's pictures of many radiskull tattos, fan art and even real devil doll DOLLS...
Great animation, and fantastic soundtrack - Sparks is also a talented musician. You can even download mp3 files from the animation soundtracks, and trust me, you'll really want to get them.
 gloom cookie | tales os social Treachery, unrequited love e monters under the bed

GLOOMCOOKIE is the cartoon series that Beetlejuice watches late at night when he can't sleep. Like Wednesday Addams' wet dream, or that one drink too many that puts you over the edge. Funny and real in a surreal world.
Mostly because I know the creators, I know that it smacks of experience and heartfelt feelings...

review by darick robertson, TRANSMETROPOLITAN
 Grow Up Goth | weird little cartoon by Laura Laser
See, it all started out as a joke, but then it got to be pretty cool, and because staying at home making cartoons is cheaper than going out every night and smoking crack, I'm just going to keep on doing this. In the meantime, I work at a super-secret day job to pay for my pens and my Taco Bell habit.
Obviously, I've never taken an art class in my life so if you're one of those people who want to criticize my choices of colors or the fact that someone's head is a little too flat in one frame, you really should consider visiting a foreign country that smells bad and has awful cheeseburgers. You'll appreciate everything a little more when you get back.
exerpt taken from Growing Up Goth's website 
 Writhe and Shine | comics for the uber in you!
Cynical comics about a gothic/industrial DJ in New Orleans. Coffee, cloves, scene politics, bitchy ex-girlfriends, bad song requests, stupid tourists and mule dookie. It hits home no matter where you live.
Writhe is the cute new guy with glowing orbs for eyes. He's got everything going for him. He's an artist and DJ's at The Bastille, the best club New Orleans has ever seen.
Shine is the bald cranky fixture at the club who is bitter about everything. He's very cynical and clever. Favorite drink: Guniess or coffee.
exerpt taken from Writhe and Shine's info page
 Souk Park | french goth bastards

There is no much information on their site. But what can we say?
Hilarious, very well adapted from South Park, even on minimal details!
Funny animation and plots, featuring great characters probably inspired by real people - weird and bidimensional as most flesh and blood goths.
Souk Park is
one of the best goth parodies out there! Don't mess it

 Alas | stress the first syllable, and it sounds like Alice
How do you pronounce Alas? As Gopher says, "It depends on how depressed you are at the time." Stress the first syllable, and it sounds like "Alice." Stress the second syllable, and it sounds like the first part of "alas, alack." The ambiguity is intended.
Why are some of the strips in that really weird vertical format?
When I first started drawing Alas, I used a vertical 1x4 format similar to that used by Japanese comic strips; partly because they inspired me, and partly because I had little idea what I was doing. I eventually switched to the 2x2 format you see now because it fits neatly on most screens.
exerpt taken from Alas FAQ page
 Gloom County | It's all Grace's fault.
She and I were chatting, and she said something about Opus and the gang in Bloom County.
She chose that moment to have a glorious and inspired typo, however, and it lodged in my head for a while. It got me to thinking...
What if the residents of Berke Breathed's Bloom County had been goths, punks, rivetheads, and the like?
...and so, Gloom County was born.
So step inside, put on some Bauhaus, make a cup of hot cocoa, and open a bag of fresh dandelions...and enjoy your stay in Gloom County!
exerpt taken from Gloom County's History page
 Fetus X | It's times like these that I thank God I'm sealed in a jar
We live in strange times.
Times when suburbanites stroke their egos by buying off-road vehicles that only go off-road when the tires shred. Times when you need a Supreme Court ruling to even have a hope in Hell of defeating a conservative Presidential candidate. Times when "alternative" music has been replaced by bubble-gum boy bands and white-boy rape rock. Strange times call for strange measures. And strange comics. Eric Millikin and Casey Sorrow's Fetus-X is that comic...
exerpt taken from Ferus-X Biography page
 Little Goth Girl | at The Other Side : Twisted Animations by Mata
Originally Little Goth Girl was going to ba a one off animation finishing with her being eaten by a demon she summons by accident, but I just didn't have the heart to kill her off, so she sat there on my desktop, blinking at me for several months until it creeped me out enough to do something with her. These days she's got herself an ongoing series with new episodes added usually at least once, if not twice, a month. I had to give her that or she would just have kept on staring at me.
briefing by Mata H
 Spawn of Satan | Not Evil but not Nice
There are only two small animations featuring that funny little devil.
That project seems to be left aside, but, anyway, it's a gift! very blackmetalish and totally GORE!
support and host by Carcasse.com | comunidade brasileira da cultura obscura
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