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m y s h e r

j a p a n e s e
f o o d

d r a w i n g

h o r r o r g o r e

v i n i l

m a r g i n a l
p o e t r y

m a n g a

v i d e o ed i t

z i n e s

a s u k a

f i n n

m a ke u p

s a s h i m i

m u l t i m i d i a

d a n c i n g

d e a t h

s p i kes

a n o r e x y

d e s i g n

l a t e x

t o l u e n o



n ot s u p p o s e d t o b e m e
Clive Barker H. P. Lovecraft Salman Rushdie
Lord Byron Oscar Wilde Ambrose Bierce
Alvares de Azevedo Maldoror Edgar Allan Poe
Neon Genesis Evangelion Macross Bastard
Memories Serial Experiments Lain Vampire Princess Miyu
London After Midnight The Kovenant Portishead Rasputina
Bauhaus My Dying Bride Seraphim Shock SwitchBlade Symphony
Devil Doll The Cure NIN The 3rd and Mortal
Rammstein L'âmme Imortelle Anathema Nick Cave
Theatre of Tragedy Tiamat Cradle of Filth Goblin
Skyclad Katatonia Project Pitchfork Arcturus
Hellraiser Series Suspiria / Inferno Transpoting
A Laranja Mecânica BrainDead The Mask of Red Dead
Matrix O Monstro Legume do Espaço Baraka
NightMare Before Christmas Black Sunday Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Gummo Nosferatu The Ugly
The Reflecting Skin Fighting Club Natural Born Killers
all Pedro Almodovar movies all Tim Burton movies all Sthepen King movies
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