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 Frequent Unasked Questions:

Which program you use to draw them?
I created the graphics in the photoshop. Each girl is a "layer-frankstein-monster", and I manipulate the separated parts to change its positions, faces, etc

Why the GothikGirls serie is bilingual?
because I live in Brazil and some people here don't speak english, and that's unfair to deny their fun. I know that there is a lot of people over the world that don't speak english too, so I'm studing a 150-languages version of the series..
Why did you choose such names for the girls?
by similarity with the powerpuff original names. Poison is like Blosson, WhipCunt to the Buttercup copy and CursedSun.. well, that is not really similar to Bubbles!
Hey, I found CursedSun a bit similar to me.. it's some kind of joke?
smart question. yes, all them are caricat goth-stereopticons. the ancient humor-monks from aeons discovered that there's nothing like laugh of your own life
I can't believe you wasted your time with this shit...
me neither... a precious time of my youth shall never come back...
No, I'm serious...I can't believe that...
ukay... , what you want me to do,. to cry?
When did you start Gothikgirls?? and why? btw it rocks
I published this site near august/99... the episode series was meant to start in october, so I changed to november, so I quit spoting a date and I'm beggining to put it on air now, may/2000.
don't ask me why I did this... I could say I have nothing better to do, but as I actually have - I'm out of answers...
Don't you think such "jokes" will degrade the goth image?
do goths have an image?
So... What's the Brazilian Goth scene like? Uh, is there one?
actually, we keep dreaming with some european goth paradise, but most people that goes out of the country say that we have nothing to cry, because it's very rare to find a goth scene like the one we have in sao paulo...
here we got about five exclusivelly 'goths' nightclubs, at least three big parties for year and some bands, performers and stuff...
Can I have a lesbian relationship with CursedSun, or even a lesbian threesum with CursedSun and Whipcunt?
sure you can! It would improve my site traffic for sure!
but let me advice you: they are just fucking bidimensional bitches...
I don't know about other goths, but my pals & I have a particularly morbid brand of humor, similar to the Adams Family. I don't see any jokes about death. Is this a regional thing?
no, no, Gomez. it's just a clichê...
what the hell is this?
it's a secret satanic and colourfull cult... we got hidden Lucifer messages behind every inocent strip...
Do you eat food?
dawn, I don't undertand why you have this bizarre interest in what I eat!
what's your favorite color?
the absent of colors.... *lol*
will you introduced more characters anythime soon?
yes, I have plans to include at least 4 new coadjuvant characters as soon I can get a time do draw them...
Why don't these people just shut up and read the next strip?
why don't you shut up, sit down and just wait for the next strip? *lol*
Hi there - I can't access any strips except #4, is the English link section broken? :( Love Your Girls!
no it's not. I used a java script so when you click on a strip number it loads on the same page. If you could not see it, maybe you just didn't click any number or maybe you have a really old, bad and smelly browser that do not suppor any simple java...

Why are goth people so scary?

if you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?
I would not be born...
why the hell did you do that?! i hate goths!!!!
fuck fuck fuck! why the hell didn't you say it BEFORE I had all that work?? hate you, bastard...
exactly from where in brazil are you ?
I'm from São Paulo, the 3rd biggest world metropole.. if you know how the "so called life" seens to be in Tokyo, New York or Mexico City you got the picture...
When are you going to jail for copyright infringement?
maybe the day when the US legislation change all the vigent laws about parodies and free-spech. it's a non-commercial and non-offensive parody, so if it sounds ilegal and pernicious for you it's because you're EVIL... morra!
Are you aware of the comic 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac'?
sure I do! Johnny rulez, as the cute Lenore and all Voltaire's goth comics.
Maybe we could run some kind of community to gather all the goth humor cartoonists and related stuff... or maybe not!
How can ur siterock so much, I didnt think that possible.
it's not my fault... anyway, thank you ^_^
You are really, really, really hot and remind me of a guy I banged back a few months ago. I live in TX USA so I doubt we could ever hook up, and, besides, I'm seventeen, but, just so I can hate the bitch.. do you have a girlfriend? Let me emphasize REALLY, REALLY hot. Oh...great comic.
humm... answering your question, yes I DO have a girlfriend and she could just kill you, eat you alive and kill you again for that comments. so, beware.. 0_o
and, sure, glad you liked the site
I never thought tha buttercup could get even better, how did you made up this great idea?
I don't know. I just did...
Goth ppl rock..and so does ur commic..it's really funny! in fact..this isn't a question..I am just dissagreeing with all the lame ppl who said you thing was dumb. hehe..so yeah. ??? there..I put ? marks..now it's a question..no..not really..but oh well..
Thanks for your support! but where is all the lame people who said my thing was dumb?? 0_o
Your girls rock!!!...However, I think Pain deserves his own series....
Yes, of course. Pain is dealing with some Warner executives about starring a sitcom about gothcat's daylife. It's not certain as Pain still think the bastards aren't paying enough...
More, More, More are you going to do a goth scooby Doo parodie?
I can't do that because Scooby Doo is already the gothiest cartoon ever done. Just read some early gothic novels from Anne Radclif or similar and.. bingo! That is the Scooby Doo's formula.
what more gothic parodies you 'll doing???
I have no plans on that way...
It´s possible that you create a gallery with dawn of the girls? why did you put the word " anorexia" near to your foto, do you like the sick-skinny people?
after all this shit, byez and thank you for saving my day. I was really angry ^-^

what kind of gallery? yes, I like the sick-skinny people luck. It's sadist, I know. blame the world, not me. after all this shit, I'm glad we saved you day ^_^
why do CursedSun wear a Egyptian cross???
that's a goth standard, even cliche after the comic character DEATH created by Neil Gaiman
It´s possible that you create a gallery with dawn of the girls? why did you put the word " anorexia" near to your foto, do you like the sick-skinny people?
after all this shit, byez and thank you for saving my day. I was really angry ^-^

what kind of gallery? yes, I like the sick-skinny people luck. It's sadist, I know. blame the world, not me. after all this shit, I'm glad we saved you day ^_^
you should like set up a little quiz so that you could like find out which gothik girl you are....
hummm :0)
I think the Internet is enough filled whit that, and personally it sounds like teen-magazine stuff to me. but, anyway, my SO-creative clone think different and already did it.
you should like set up a little quiz so that you could like find out which gothik girl you are....
I think the Internet is enough filled with that kind of test, which is no more than teen-magazine stuff, in my opinion. but, anyway, my proud clone think different and already did it...
why the hell are people so afraid of us goths? (i am goth too)
It's all Marilyn Manson's Fault
cursedsun is EXACTLY like me! every thing about her is me. do you base your characters on someone impitucular? how do u do it?
well, danielle, let me tell you the truth : I SPY your entire life, and just now I'm closer than you could ever guess...
Hola! Solo queria decirte que me encantan tus meninas gothikas! Tienes que hacer mas! ^~_~^ Y si quieres ayuda con traducciones a espanol o ingles, yo te puedo ayudar. Bueno, chico, sigue con el buen trabajo que estas haciendo!
Hi. thanks a lot, but this section is supposed to be in english. I still need help translating the strips for the spanish. if you can help, email me ^_^
So, how does one get you to base a character on oneself? I would love to come up with a character premise for you, if you'd let me... feel free to email, I love the strip. xoxo baby.
you can send me the premise if you want. but it may take a while, as I'm a little busy nowadays...
cool. i love it like that. whoa dark.
so it's cool
So what do you goths think of punks and other "freaks"? just wondering..
I think they are very strange people...
ah well, a question by a non gothic! As I heard about the gothic scene I asked myself:
How could God be dead? I am NOT religious but I'd really like to know (in between I think Marylin Mansion is really the cause for any fears :V )
That is quite simple: God id Dead because Marilyn Manson killed him...
Why the girls dont like any recent gothic band?
who said they don't like?
are you sick or something?? ;) I like you site... the pictures :)....
why the hell should I keep this page if I wouldn't?
I think you site is cool i love the comic strips. are you gonna make any dragonballz parodie??
thank you. but no, I don't think I'm going to do any more parodies.
I'm sorry, but is english a fifth language for you, or did you just go to a public school. Your spelling and grammer are so bad I have to think you grew up speaking another language.
minha primeira língua é o português, pois eu nasci e moro no Brasil.
o pouco de inglês que sei eu aprendi sozinho, mas aposto que você não entende porra nenhuma de português, isn't bigboy? ^_^
I want to date Poison. what can you do about that?
so bad but, you know, she's not real. go get some Hentai you sick pervert
would you like to start a new project with me? some kind of team work...
what kind of project? just try to be more specific
Do you wanna be death?
do you mean something like the angel of death?
ok, I quit... way to go Duchamp!
This is the sickest shit I've ever seen... great job on layout and idea and all that..I dun really have a question jus wanted to tell you I like your site...
thank you ^_^
What do goth's think of your average crazy person, take me for instance, I have the attention span of cheese, and Hand Grenades make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!
goth people have not a collective mind... I think you are nuts, but I'm speaking for myself
I found this other website just a little while ago http://www.powergothgirls.com and was just wonderin which one is the real thing though, or which one was made first or is that one just a rip off of this one?
this site is up for about 3 years. take a look at our downloads section and you'll find many Rebekah's draws of my girls. but somehow she become evil and realized that she had to conquer the world... also think their work are far better that mine and justify their bitching with disgusting arguments about her american superiority - hail the Hitler queen!
what do you think about the other power goth girl site that stoled your idea?
btw I like your site and your gothic right?
first I wanted to kill the fat bitch, but now I made Rebekah a character and gonna make fun of her lack of creativity, talent and respect...
she changed the girls look trying to make them different from mine, and their girls are just ugly.
I've been to the other PGG site and all I can say is that it smacks of pretentiousness! As a parody, her girls are lame-ass, badly-drawn sluts. I want to see her character in your strip get tortured and mauled and dissected with a spoon. Or perhaps, make your PGG beat the crap out of her own creations?
thank you. but I think the Rebekah character is enough.
her own characters are too silly even to make fun out of them
Me encantan tus niñas.. ok, in english, ILOVE your girls...
and Whipcunt is right, mansonites stink! here in Madrid I recognize all characters just looking around. I used to be a mix of Whipcunt and Zille till I fell in love, why don't you introduce a couple??PLIZ
Whipcunt and Zille made a couple, actually. but if you mean an 'heterosexual' couple, I can just say that there's something in the air about Poison and a guy who could be her grandfather!
I love you! Will you fuck me?
thank you, but I have enough of that ^_~
Surely in real life cursedsun would be relentlesly pursued by various ageing male goths eager to relive the carnal delights of their colective youths?
well, who knows?
hey, are you going to make more strips? I would like to read some new ones...
and could you please send me any gothic advice about what to do in a country where they don't even know what gothic means, well, if someone knows, I've been missing him/her all this years,
I live in uruguay... and I want to be myself, even though I have been doing quite a good job... thanks, your sites great...
I'm sorry for taking so long, but there are some new strips on air right now.
thanks a lot for the comments and keep being yourself...
hey, uhm.. i like this site, even if I JUST found it. but i see you are looking for someone to help translate the series to spanish? I'm pretty damn fluent. heh, i get called gothgirl at my school, if it is a compliment or not? i have no idea.
It depends of the amount of irony and sarcasm
jeez, i just took a look at the www.powergothgirls.com site and it sucks! your art is so much better! sorry not really a question, just supprt
thanks. It's good to see that, at least, most people think like you...
your comics are soooo funny, in a scary kind of way, but very very funny!
I am not a goth, so I guess I cant really apericiate them to the fullest.
be sure you can't!!
olla, my name is julia I just wanted to say that i totally love your site, and my friends do too, GOTHS 4 LIFE!! oh ya 1 more thing lol im portuguese and Ithink its awsome that sum1 from brazil made this up GOOD JOB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
my compliments to all you portuguese pals! there's also great stuff coming from there too - check the amazing EvilRUs, featured in the gothcartoon section of this site.
who do you like best? the powerpuff girls or the powergoth girls??
by the way - eu tb sou brazileira, +ou-... sou americana e moro aqui em sampa!!
I don't know too much about the powerpuffgirls - just found them cute.
que legal você morar aqui em sampa, sinta-se convidada paranossa festa RIP no Salamandra
hey, I just visited powergothgirls.com, that page sucks, it's like a wanna-be-but-i'm-to-scared-of-being-gothgirls pages... it has terrible drawing...
I'm one of the only gothics in uruguay... life here sucks... just wanted to congratulate you for your page, and plez, anyone who lives in uruguay and is gothic, please e-mail me
thanks again, Amanda! hope you find some friends there in your country ^_^
we must befriend you.
will become our friend and serve under our lord? and no we are not talking about satan!
I ask to satan if I could be your friend and serve your lord, but he said NO. sorry
You girls are amazing!
I would wish them to hook up with my three sons - Agony, Curse, and Venom
fucking evil!
Where can I purchase a PowerGoth Girls T-shirt?
I'm creating some designs and someday you'll be able to buy them from this site
I'm only partly goth but your site rocks !!!
I have been to the copy site of pgg and I only like cursedsuns hair but your site is waaaaaaaay better. hope ya get some new episodes out soon!
have you noticed the DarkStalkers references? Poison have bat-wings in her hair like the character Lilith. so, they made her clone with cat-ears like the other character of the game... *duh*
why the pawerpuffgirls but still good idea
why not?
everything has a reason. don't blame me...
why the pawerpuffgirls but still good idea
why not?
why did the little people in my mind keep asking me to cut myself?
shut up and OBEY! 0_o
Love the comics, they're really funny. I'm one of the only real goths at my skool, most are Hot Topic goths that call ME the poser! But when I said I bet you don't even know who Bauhaus is, they said Baha Men ain't goth. Damn pitiful. ANYWAY: Your comics rule something big. Mind if I make a Kamashibai with them and or Otaku Mascots?
what the hell is a Baha Men?? ANYWAY: I don't mind if you made anything with the girls! Do it and I´ll be glad to add these mascots in the goodies section.
how much is photoshop? great site and idea you rock
photoshop do everything by itself...
yeah man...ur gothic power puff girls kick booty...but I think u should do a goth version of sailor moon that would rule!!!!!!!!!
oh no, an unique goth parody is far enough to my spare time...
I would also like to ask you..no..I DEMAND you leave your girl and come to me to canada land and together we will make deformed off spring!
I´m glad but I´m only landing to canada if you accept a treesome ^_~
dude the site is gud and you got me and a* in art ta. i feel sik and i got to go finish hacking my arm. and i wanna f*** mazza hard. n e ways u must have got an idea from sum where
could someone plez translate? I really don't get it... 0_o
How did you come up with such an awlsome idea such as this?
oh, devil spoke it to me...
I was wondering about these other Gothic guys...
Agony, Curse and Venom
where can I find a site for them? They sound fucking amazing!
maybe you should ask their mother...
this comic is horrible. you all claim to be goth and you all bitch that life sucks and you have no friends. yet maybe if you lightened up and got over your petty little problems ppl would wanna hang out with you no matter how you dressed. so because you live up to a VERY pathetic stereo-type, no one will ever take you babies seriously.
ho ho ho
when are you gonna update? this site is the best!
I'm updating today just because that last question was too funny to be offline! ^_^
I was really depressed, but I find this site and I grinned finally, I like your site but it seems that you dont work on this site anymore... do you know someone who can go on on this site?
I know, it has been a long time since the last update...
I'm just working too much, doing too many things at the same time, and had to leave some of my projects behind : (
do you know someone who can go on with this site? this is the site what haves good idea.
Are you the same guy from the question above, aren't you? In fact, everyone can contribute with the site by downloading the homekit and creating aditional strips for the show...
Hey, I just stumbled apon this site and seeing how I like the ppgs and gothic type things I thought I'd check it out and to tell you the truth...it's really good! Now only if you could turn it into a cartoon, and put it on TV...only...I don't think it would be a kiddy show lol...I've bookmarked this so I hope to see more comic strips, cause I really do like them, sort of gives a real good twist on the up-beat popular well known angelic girls on TV...like a complete 180 degree turn..but I'm sure thats what you wanted, but I read the one question about if you'd do it all over again what would you do and you said never have been born, DUDE...if you weren't born then these sassy ass gothic freak bitches would have never been born either...but hey I'm not trying to preach just complament on this great cartoon you've made, so keep up the good work...it really good!
What a big FUQ! I don't remember the beggining of the question...
Kudos! Kudos to thine efforts, fiend, at creating such a formidable satyric satire as the PowerGoth Girls. mayhap my two farmost favorite characters are Poison and WhipCunt, 'cause together they seemingly seem to be the crept deformed spawns of both Nietzsche and Le Marquis De Sade. CursedSun, is simply cute, despite the inevitable fact that she a Mansonite, Hot Topic poseur.
Tschüse anymore... do you know someone who can go on on this site?
You MUST be the same guy form the FUQs above, or else I'm REALLY working too much...
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