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The PowerGoth Girls are a free and non-commercial adaptation from Hanna-Barbera original characters, The Powerpuff Girls -Cartoon Network, I presume you already know them...

These comic-strips are a satire to the clichés attributed to Goths.

I'm making fun of most myths and strange behaviors came from teoric normal people preconcepts. I'm also making fun of goths itself, as a lot of them are jokes made flesh or walking contradictions thirst for blood...

TrevosoLoco Peg Puzzle
there must be only one TRUE goth.
help TrevosoLoco to be it, as he cares so much

Goth Cartoons

a small guide to others goth comics on internet. enjoy

The Author
that predictable about the creator stuff
just in case you are really curious

this site are proud to got an extense and elogious review for the Mick Mercer´s last book, about the goth culture on the internet
the brazilian magazine gave an entire page for the gothgirls, in complement to an article about the original powerpuff movie


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